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Web Page file 2007 wait ..by now probably 2008 Nominations

Microsoft Word file 2009 WBSL coaches clinic agenda-  2009 WBSL coaches clinic agenda

Adobe PDF file Absolute Practice Basics *

Adobe PDF file Coaches Handbook *-  Handbook on pitching and hitting

Microsoft Excel file Drills-Drills-Drills *-  Drills-Drills-Drills

Media file Easton Hitting Nets *-  Diagram showing how to fold the Easton 7' Hitting Nets

Microsoft Word file Effective Hitting Instruction *-  Effective Hitting Instruction

Microsoft Word file Guidelines for successful practice *-  Guidelines for successful practice

Adobe PDF file Hitting at Game Time *

Adobe PDF file Hitting dissection options *-  Hitting dissection options

Adobe PDF file How to Access Team Roster & Send Email to Team *-  WEB SITE HELP DOCUMENT

Adobe PDF file How to Create Team Bulletins *-  WEB SITE HELP DOCUMENT

Microsoft Word file How to View Scheduled Umpires for Games *-  WEB SITE HELP DOCUMENT

Microsoft Excel file Lineup planner and Game printout *-  Lineup planner and Game printout

Microsoft Excel file Pitching phases and drills *-  Pitching phases and drills

Adobe PDF file Positional Responsibilities *

Adobe PDF file Practice Floor Plans *-  Practice Floor Plans

Microsoft Excel file Practice Planner + Development goals *-  Practice Planner + Development goals

Adobe PDF file Practice Planner Template *

Microsoft Word file Sample - Team Goal Guidelines *-  Sample - Team Goal Guidelines

Adobe PDF file Some Things Hitting has in Common with Life *

Adobe PDF file The Mental Aspect of Seeing and Hitting Effectively *

Microsoft Word file WBSL Throwing Drills *-  WBSL Throwing Drills.doc

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.