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Windham Baseball Academy: Welcome!!

2018 Windham Baseball Academy



Register here:  Windham Hitting Academy 6-9 year olds / Windham Hitting Academy 10-14 year olds


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Sundays – January 28 through March 25, 2018 (with the exception of February 4 - Superbowl Sunday)


WHERE:  Derry SportsZone - 7 A Street, Derry, NH 

Session 1 - Ages 6-9 - 6:00 - 7:00pm  

Session 2 - Ages 10-14 – 7:00 - 8pm

Recommended for all Windham Baseball and Softball players ages 6-14!!


COST: $140 for the 9 week program


Windham Parents/Coaches - receive a $40 discount by assisting us on the floor this winter!



Many in town are familiar with the Windham Hitting Academy, which over the past 16 years has instructed well over 1,000 Windham young hitters.  The Academy’s longevity is due to unyielding focus on teaching solid fundamentals and burning them into muscle memory.  While having a lot of fun at it!

There’s real science to the good swing and it’s much easier to teach than most people think. In fact, because of hitting’s nature, simpler is better.

Hitting is all about the hands – it’s about hand path and speed by the time we’re playing in High School and above.

But before we get to the point where our focus is entirely on our hands, we need to have the fundamentals nailed.   These are:

  • Balance – Being in balance before, during and after the swing
  • Rotation – Using our hips to generate power and allow for a direct hand path to the pitch
  • (Basic) hand-path – The right starting and finishing position in the swing
  • Timing – Understanding when to start our swing with our stride

The Hitting Academy focuses exclusively on these through supervised stations and plenty of swings (some weeks we get close to 100).

Along the way, we focus on quieting the hitter’s mind – to not think about mechanics or timing but to focus 100% on seeing the ball and striking it. And feeling confident.


The workout routine and rotation are suited for players of all skill levels

For the new player, The Hitting Academy provides a solid mechanical (and mental) foundation on which to grow.

For the experienced player, it provides the opportunity to fine tune the swing and get a ton of swings in every workout.


About Jim Bail:

I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of work with hitters and coaches at every level and am absolutely awed by the commonalities – the things that bring success are universal regardless of age.

While several of  my former players have gone on to play professional baseball, I experience more joy through my work at the youth level.

For the kids, it’s all about learning to earn success and above all, having a great time at it. (There will be trials as they grow – and they’ll stick with baseball only if they love it.)

MLB Scout – San Diego Padres 2015-Present, Atlanta Braves (17 years), D1 catcher, NCAA D2 Head Coach (Franklin Pierce), D1 Assistant Coach (Sam Houston State University Assistant Windham HS Baseball Coach, Assistant American Legion Coach and, of course, Little League coach

Feel free to email Jim Bail with any questions – 


WHA Testimonials

…   William had a great experience last summer with the hitting academy. He learned so much and had a fun at the same time.  Jim Bail has been a great influence on our son and his knowledge of baseball has helped William a great deal. I recommend the Windham Hitting Academy to everyone.

  … Just thought that you'd be proud to know that your batting instruction at your hitting academy has really paid off for my sons.  Last night my oldest son hit 2 homeruns at last night’s playoff game.  He first hit a 2 run homerun that hit the fence on the fly.  His next time up at bat he hit another fly ball that hit the ground just ~5 feet before the fence.  This was a single run homerun.  He had a hit each time up to bat.
  … We are very fortunate to have an instructor with Jim's background and knowledge of hitting.  My son has attended the Hitting Academy and showed a marked improvement of his skills.  Jim is great with the kids and does a great job connecting with the kids

…You have the magic touch.  Carter is excited and won’t stop talking about what he’s learning!  Thanks, Jim!

… Chris had a great season!  In his last at bat of his last game he hit an in-the-park home run that hit the fence on the fly.  What a way to end the season!  We were all so excited and happy for him!  What a confidence booster!  And it's all because of you!  You taught them the skills they needed to be better ball players.   They love playing the game and we love watching them play!

  … Thanks soooo much!!  You really made a difference for our boys.  We’re watching for next year’s enrollment date.