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2006 Minor League SSBL Rules




The mission of a SSBL is to help prepare our young baseball players (age 9) for Windham AAA and Major League Baseball.  The league will try to incorporate the fun of playing baseball with professional style practices and training with a mix of official games played using official rules.



Player Expectations:  A player should expect a high level of training on all aspects of baseball (fielding, throwing, catching, hitting and running).  The practices will be high energy, fast moving with several stations and drills to keep the kids interest as well as work on key aspects of the game.   After completing six weeks of Second Season Baseball, the player should have a much better understanding of the game and solid fundamental training that will help them become a stronger player.  Most of all, the players will have fun learning the best game on earth !!!


League Expectations:  In order for the SSBL to be successful, we need some commitment from our players.  We understand that June and July are vacation months and families will be away on vacations during that time.  However, the league will only be successful if we can get a solid commitment from our players.  Our hope is that the kids will enjoy the practices and games so much that they will not want to miss a single session.  We are not looking for a 100% commitment from you, but we would like you to enter into this league with the intention to attend at least five weeks of the six-week season.   

Key Objectives:

  • Have fun and enjoy the game.
  •  Teach kids the proper way to hit, throw and field by using the same practices techniques the pros use at spring training.
  •  Increase the child’s knowledge of the game through actual competition and game situations.
  • Prepare the child for the Windham AAA and Major league
  • Evaluate players so they know what to work on during the off season


Skill Level: 

The player should have the basic skills of throwing, catching, fielding and hitting before they sign up for Second Season Baseball.  Although our goal is to teach and refine the child’s skills, they need to be able to play catch with another player and consistently catch the ball.  They also should be able to hit consistently when the coach is pitching.  The Second Season is available to all players, but a player that does not have the basic skills may struggle during game situations.  Players should be prepared to see live pitching from other players with patched umpires calling the games.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call on of the directors for more information.


Teams and Schedule:

  • Two (2) teams with twelve (12) players per team (24 players Total)
  • Two(2) practices and six (6) Six Inning Games
  • Season – June 29th – July 25th

Each team will have a head coach and assistant coach.  We will also encourage help from parents and older players to assist with practices and umpiring.  The games will be played on a regulation Little League field with official rules and umpires.  Practices will be held with all four teams at once.  The practices will be run similar to a major league practice with multiple drills, hitting and individual instruction happening simultaneously.



League Rules:


League rules will be the same as Little League’s Minor League Baseball with the following exceptions: 

  • Pitchers will start pitching to each batter.  If the pitcher walks or hits the batter, the batter will remain in the batters box and the coach will pitch until there is some conclusion (hit, strikeout, walk, etc).
  •  Pitchers rubber will be 40’ from home plate.
  • Pitcher must stand on the 45’ mound when the coach is pitching.
  • Pitcher cannot pitch more that two innings in a game and no more than three innings in a calendar week (Monday – Sunday). 
  • All players must play at least three innings in the field each game.
  • All twelve players will bat in order.
  • A maximum of seven runs can be scored in each inning
  • Coach should pitch from on knee. 

Code of Conduct:


By registering your child to participate in Second Season Baseball League, you agree to act in a way that is both constructive and instructive at our games. We offer the following as a set of expectations from our fans:

  • I will set an example for sportsmanship for our children to follow.
  • I will support the manager’s decisions and if I disagree I will approach them privately not during the game.
  • I will cheer and encourage my team, not against the opposition.  
  • I will be supportive for both the good and bad times.
  • I will offer to help when I can.
  • I will retain perspective, youth baseball/softball is an opportunity for the players to learn and have fun.
  • I will respect the umpires.
  • I will not criticize an opposing team; its players, coaches or fans by word of mouth or gestures.
  • I will not be a "Grand Stand Manager".
  • I will remember that Coaches, Managers and League Officials are unpaid volunteers.
  • I will not propagate slanderous or hurtful gossip.
  • I will teach my little leaguer that practicing, sportsmanship, and playing to the best of their abilities is more important than winning or losing.
  • I won't place blame for losses on a player, coach, or the umpire.
  • I understand that any fan using foul or abusive language or gestures to any other fan, coach, player, parent, or umpire WILL be asked to leave.  

What will a player in SSBL receive for the registration fee? 


The player will receive the following:

  • Full Uniform (Hat, Shirt, Sox, Belt and Baseball Pants)
  • Six (6) Practices – Major League style practices with multiple stations and personal instruction by Jim Bail, Jay Yennaco, Bruce Yennaco and other trained instructors.
  • Nine (9) Six Inning Games – Games will be played using official Little League Rules and Umpires
  • World Series Playoffs the last week of the season

The cost to join the SSBL is $ 125.00