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Windham Baseball/Softball League

Code of Conduct

By registering your child to participate in Windham Baseball Softball League, you agree to act in a way that is both constructive and instructive at our games. We offer the following as a set of expectations from our fans:

I will set an example for sportsmanship for our children to follow.

I will support the manager’s decisions and if I disagree I will approach them privately not during the game.

I will cheer and encourage my team, not against the opposition.  

I will be supportive for both the good and bad times.

I will offer to help when I can.

I will retain perspective, youth baseball/softball is an opportunity for the players to learn and have fun.

I will respect the umpires.

I will not criticize an opposing team, it's players, coaches or fans by word of mouth or gestures.

I will not be a "Grand Stand Manager".

I will remember that Coaches, Managers and League Officials are unpaid volunteers.

I will not propagate slanderous or hurtful gossip.

I will teach my little leaguer that practicing, sportsmanship, and playing to the best of their abilities is more important than winning or losing.

I won't place blame for losses on a player, coach, or the umpire.

I understand that any fan using foul or abusive language or gestures to any other fan, coach, player, parent, or umpire WILL be asked to leave.